Are you looking for directions in life? Our next Emmaus course starts in Jan 2018

As they walked and talked… Jesus himself came up and walked along with them.   Luke 24:15


The Bible tells a story of Jesus approaching two of his disciples, then helping them to discover and grow their faith as he walked and talked with them.

Can we do the same for you?

Emmaus is a well-established course which is running in many churches, both in the UK and overseas. Our next courses will start in Jan 2017 with experienced leaders using good quality and thought provoking materials provided to take participants through the course, which covers the basics of Christianity. Typically, small groups of 5-10 people meet weekly for 2 hours over a cup of tea/coffee, although these arrangements may vary according to the group’s circumstances.

Find out more by calling us on 01753 832002 or e-mail Matthew.

If you are interested in what Christians believe, are a new Christian who wants to learn more, or (as many people will be on our first course) someone who has been a Christian for many years, we would encourage you come along and find out more. There is no charge and most sessions will start with tea/coffee at 7.45pm and finish around 9.45pm. Some will run in the daytime too.


Topics include: Believing in God; the need for God; Jesus’ life & ministry; Jesus’ death & resurrection; the Holy Spirit; becoming a Christian; prayer; reading the Bible; belonging to a Church; Communion; living God’s way; serving God; God and money; learning to love; sharing the faith.

Whether you are interested in what Christians believe, are a new Christian who wants to learn more, or are walking with a friend on their journey of faith, we would encourage you to find out more. There is no charge, and we are able to run both evening and daytime courses, according to participants’ availability.

Here’s a reflection from Matthew and Pauline Scott:

‘Turning back to the future’

Dear Friends,

Over the coming months, God willing, we will hear the name of the village of Emmaus many times, as we reflect on what it means to find Jesus walking with us through life. Yet ironically, despite the title of the ‘Road to Emmaus’ account, the direct consequence of encountering Jesus on their journey was to completely change the plans of the two disciples involved. Instead of staying in Emmaus for whatever length of time and for whatever purpose they had intended, they stayed just long enough for an evening meal during which the identity of their companion finally dawned on them. 

In that moment, their reason for being in Emmaus vanished like a mist. It appears that they did not even stay the night. Instead, ignoring the dangers of night-time travel ‘…they got up and returned at once to Jerusalem…’ (Luke24:33). Experiencing the risen Jesus walking alongside them had triggered a complete turnaround in their lives. No longer were they downcast and without hope following Jesus’ death; instead they were wonderfully uplifted and full of joy with a shared experience of his risen life, and they simply had to tell their friends. So they immediately got up and returned the seven miles to Jerusalem. Their turnaround was a living example of repentance in response to Jesus’ presence with them on their journey.

We may have many plans for the year ahead, and hopefully these are plans that we have allowed God to shape and direct. As we embark on using the Emmaus course as a central focus for our life as a church, our prayer is that we will all know Jesus’ presence alongside us on our journey through the year ahead. However, as we do so, we should not be surprised if, like the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus, we find that from time to time God brings about a turnaround in our journey so that we too can tell our stories of what happens when Jesus walks with us.

With our love and prayers that you will know the presence of the risen Jesus drawing alongside you as you journey through life in the year ahead.

Matthew & Pauline Scott