Youth at DGBC

Our youth usually sit politely at church and eat a variety of healthy stuff like breadsticks, crisps and jaffa cakes or play educational games like jenga or sticking bits of paper on our heads with names on and trying to guess who we are.

We speak to each other in nice quiet voices and talk about the important events of the day like the price of oil and whether Wales is better at rugby than England. We also sometimes leave the building to go and listen to pleasant tunes gently played by LZ7; or go off to Soul Survivor Watford to see Mike Pilavachi speaking in a posh voice while wearing a plain, sober shirt.

We do this in conjunction with Y@S (Youth at Slough) (based at Slough Baptist Church). On Sunday evenings those of us who are aged 14-18 head over the river to Slough Baptist Church where we get together with a bunch of similarly minded young people to mess about and talk about what being a Christian is all about. We also go on weekends away and spend a week in tents without washing at Soul Survivor. We meet from 6.30-8.30 in term time and need you to join us immediately.  Details can be found here:

or from Pauline (who is definitely over 14): 01753 863998;