Home Groups

There are several Home Groups (sometimes these are also called House Groups, Small Groups, Cell Groups etc) meeting in and around DGBC:

  • Tuesday 2.00pm, at the church, contact Sandy Reynolds for more information
  • Tuesday 7.45pm, contact: Pat and Dudley Targett, tel 01628 781507 (meets in Holyport)
  • Wednesday 7.45pm, contact: Carol Edwards, 01753 852876

Meeting in small groups is a model that the early church practised, we can see this from various references in the Bible. For example in Acts 2 v 46 we can see that the early church met in homes and broke bread (ie shared communion) together. Also, in Romans 16 v 5 and 1 Cor 16 v 19 we find other examples of the early church meeting in peoples’ homes, and there is another example in Philemon.

DGBC’s vision for what we call Home Groups is not just meeting to study the Bible, though that happens in most groups most weeks, but actually that we should model the full experience of church:

  • Worship (not just singing, but the wider definition of worship, eg using the Psalms and other parts of scripture)
  • Learning through studying the Bible – our groups tend to follow a common study guide/Bible passages over a few months
  • Prayer – thanking, asking and listening to God
  • Fellowship – within the group and also taking responsibility for planning events for the wider church and our local community
  • Evangelism – studying and also encouraging each other in the practical aspects of this vital activity

Finally, we want our Home Groups to be as effective as possible so we welcome new ideas and are happy to try them out!

Please contact Matthew Scott on email or tel 01753 832002. We will help you to find a home group that suits you. Or come along on a Sunday morning and meet one of the group leaders.