Noah’s Ark

Because of the continuing restrictions due to COVID-19 we are currently unable to meet. We are reviewing the government’s guidance regularly, so please keep checking back. We will start meeting again as soon as it’s safe! 

Welcome to Noah’s Ark parent/carer and toddler group. This is for 0-4 year olds and their parents/carers and is run by Dedworth Green Baptist Church on Friday mornings in term time. It aims to provide a safe and caring place where parents/carers can meet others caring for children of a similar age.

There are a wide range of toys and activities designed to stimulate the needs of the age range, including puzzles, play-dough, farm, painting, craft, playhouse, trampette, slides, trikes, cars and trains etc… We have singing and stories each week, and refreshments are available.

If you require any further information, please phone Carol on 852876 or Pauline on 863998 or use the Contact Form

Meets 10am – 1130am Fridays in term time, cost £1 per family.

All are welcome!