Practise Hospitality. (Romans 12:13)

We could end there, and that would be a helpful exhortation that many of you would act upon – but we’ve got a page or two to fill…!
Someone once pointed out to us that, whilst many of us are enjoying our summer holidays with a much-needed break from work or even from some church responsibilities, others find this a lonely time of year as their Home Groups or other activities, which form a lifeline for them throughout the rest of the year, close down for the summer.
Part of the privilege of belonging to any church family is the opportunity to build friendships and share fellowship together as we practise hospitality. We see it working well every Sunday morning as we serve coffee after our services. We see it as we share a full meal with local families at our monthly Messy Church service; and more recently we’ve seen it as our Renew Wellbeing team extends a warm welcome to those attending The WellSpring every Tuesday morning. Good hospitality is part of what makes The WellSpring ‘a safe place, where it’s okay not to be okay’ – and it’s part of what makes a church a church!
So during this summer season, we would encourage us all to continue to build relationships with each other by practising hospitality, whether it’s in our homes, in the church building or at a local coffee shop. Even inviting someone for a walk in the park or along the river bank is a form of hospitality, because it’s a way of making ourselves available to them. This summer in particular, after all the social restrictions of the last two years, why not take the chance to reconnect with those who perhaps we’ve seen less of in that time?
Whatever your plans are, may you be refreshed by someone’s act of hospitality, and may you find opportunities to refresh others in the same way. And as we continue to give and receive hospitality, may we all be equipped to start a new season in the life of the church in God’s strength.
And finally – if your Home Group is not meeting during the coming weeks – why not drop in to The WellSpring at the church for a while on Tuesday mornings? That is one thing that will not be shutting down for the summer, and you can be sure of a warm welcome there!
With our love and prayers
Matthew and Pauline